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The constitution of haiti traveling haiti

Ensure their inalienable and imprescriptible rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; in conformity with the Act of Independence of and the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Man of Implant democracy, which entails ideological pluralism and political rotation and affirm the inviolable rights of the Haitian people.

Strengthen national unity by eliminating all discrimination between the urban and rural populations, by accepting the community of languages and culture and by recognizing the right to progress, information, education, health, employment and leisure for all citizens. Ensure the separation and the harmonious distribution of the powers of the State at the service of the fundamental interests and priorities of the Nation.

Set up a system of government based on fundamental liberties, and the respect for human rights, social peace, economic equity, concerted action and participation of all the people in major decisions affecting the life of a nation, through effective decentralization. This seat may be moved elsewhere for reasons of force majeure.

the constitution of haiti traveling haiti

The coat of arms of the Republic are: a Palette surmounted by the liberty cap, and under the palms a trophy with the legend:. Creole and French are the official languages of the Republic.

Effigies and names of living personages may not appear on the currency, stamps, seals, public buildings, streets or works of art. ARTICLE The law determines the number and boundaries of these divisions and subdivisions, and regulates their organization and operation.

ARTICLE After five years of continuous residence in the territory of the Republic, any foreigner may obtain Haitian nationality by naturalization, in conformity with the regulations established by law. ARTICLE Haitians by naturalization shall be allowed to exercise the right to vote but they must wait five 5 years after the date of their naturalization to be eligible to hold public posts other than those reserved by the Constitution and by law for native-born Haitians.

Continuous residence abroad of a naturalized Haitian without duly granted authorization by a competent official. Anyone who loses his nationality in this manner may not reacquire it. ARTICLE Al Haitians, regardless of sex or marital status, who have attained twenty-one years of age may exercise their political and civil rights if the meet the other conditions prescribed by the Constitution and by law.

ARTICLE Haitians shall be equal before the law, subject to the special advantages conferred on native-born Haitians who have never renounced their nationality. ARTICLE The State has the absolute obligation to guarantee the right to life, health, and respect of the human person for all citizens without distinction, in conformity with the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Man.

ARTICLE The State has the obligation to ensure for all citizens in all territorial divisions appropriate means to ensure protection, maintenance and restoration of their health by establishing hospitals, health centers and dispensaries.

ARTICLE Except where the perpetrator of a crime is caught in the act, no one may be arrested or detained other than by written order of a legally competent official.

It must formally state the reason in Creole and in French for the arrest or detention and the provision of the law that provides for punishment of the act charged. Legal notice must be given and a copy of the order must be left with the accused at the time of its execution. The accursed must be notified of his right to be assisted by counsel at all phases of the investigation of the case up to the final judgment. Except where the perpetrator of a crime is caught in the act, no arrest by warrant and no search may take place between six 6 p.

Responsibility for an offense is personal, and no one may be arrested in the place of another. ARTICLE Any unnecessary force or restraint in the apprehension of a person or in keeping him under arrest, or any psychological pressure or physical brutality, especially during interrogation, is forbidden.

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ARTICLE No one may be kept under arrest more than forty-eight 48 hours unless he has appeared before a judge asked to rule on the legality of the arrest and the judge has confirmed the arrest by a well-founded decision. ARTICLE In the case of a petty violation, the accursed shall be referred to a justice of the peace, who shall then hand down a final decision.

In the case for more serious offenses or crimes, an appeal may be filed, without prior permission, simply by addressing a petition to the presiding judge of the competent civil court, who, on the basis of the oral statement of the prosecutor, shall rule on the legality of the arrest and detention, in a special session of the court, without postponement or rotation of judges, all other cases being suspended.

ARTICLE If the arrest is judged to be illegal, the judge shall order the immediate release of the arrested person and that order shall be enforceable immediately, regardless of any appeal to a higher court or the supreme court for an order forbidding enforcement of the judgment. Injured parties may, without prior authorization, appeal to the competent courts, to bring suit against the authors and perpetrators of these arbitrary acts, regardless of their rank or the body to which they belong.View Alerts and Messages Archive.

American Citizen Services Unit office hours are a. Most routine services require an appointment; visit our Embassy webpage. The Embassy is closed on U. Embassy employees are prohibited from using public transportation and visiting certain areas of Port-au-Prince due to high crime.

Political violence and violent crimes are common in Haiti, including murders, robberies, assaults, vehicle break-ins, and home invasions. Travelers are often targeted, followed, and violently attacked and robbed shortly after leaving the Port-au-Prince international airport.

For this reason, Embassy personnel are prohibited from traveling in personal vehicles to and from the airport. Also, the Embassy has procedures in place to detect surveillance and deter attacks on its employees. Police investigations may not meet U. Rape kits do not exist in Haiti. Roads and bridges may become impassible. In the event of a minor injury, appropriate medical treatment may be available on site. First responders are generally unable to access areas outside of major cities and to provide urgent medical treatment.

See our webpage for more information on insurance providers for overseas coverage. S citizens are subject to local laws.

The National Anthem of Haiti: La Dessalinienne

If you violate local laws, even unknowingly, you may be deported, arrested, or imprisoned. Some acts committed in Haiti may be prosecuted in the U. Release on bond is not typically available to those arrested for serious crimes. Penalties for possession, use, or trafficking in illegal drugs are severe. If convicted, expect long jail sentences and heavy fines. The judicial process in Haiti is extremely slow for both private business disputes and criminal cases.

Progress in a case is often dependent on unrelated factors, such as political connections. Property rights are irregularly enforced. Clear title to land is difficult or impossible to obtain.The document was approved by Parliament in March and came into effect on June 20, A total of 23 constitutions have been promulgated throughout Haiti's history, [1] the first of which was promulgated under the short-lived government of then-Governor-General Toussaint Louverturewho had become the leader of the revolutionary forces in the Haitian Revolution.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Haitian constitution. Constitutional Court Law. Supreme Court of Haiti. Recent elections. General: — Presidential: Feb Nov. Parliamentary: —16 next. Senate: — Administrative divisions. Departments Arrondissements Communes Communal sections. Foreign relations. Other countries. Constitutions of states and dependencies in the Americas.

Dependencies and other territories. Outline Index. Elections and referendums in Haiti. Categories : Constitutions by country Politics of Haiti. Hidden categories: Webarchive template wayback links Articles containing French-language text Articles containing Haitian Creole-language text.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Constitution Constitutional Court Law. Judiciary Supreme Court of Haiti. Administrative divisions Departments Arrondissements Communes Communal sections. Haiti portal Other countries. Outline Index Category Portal.It was transcribed into the version below by Bob Corbett on April 4, I did not translate it, only transcribed. It was printed in in English.

There is no mention in the newspaper who translated it. But, given that Henri Christophe was involved in the publication and that he had a strong liking of English, perhaps he is responsible.

Unless American English has changed in this regard, I suspect a British translator given the use of "colour" and "honour" in the document. It is not the complete constitution, but close. Articles are absent. The document mentions that these are "interior regulations respecting the ministries," otherwise it is all here.

I have followed the published document in all capitalization and grammar and noted a few spelling oddities. The reader should note that at this time the entire island of Hispaniola was under the rule of Haiti Haytithus the mention of islands that are today part of the Dominican Republic.

We, H. As well in our name as in that of the people of Hayti, who have legally constituted us faithfully organs and interpreters of their will, in presence of the Supreme Being, before whom all mankind are equal, and who has scattered so many species of creatures on the surface of the earth for the purpose of manifesting his glory and his power by the diversity of his works, in the presence of all nature by whom we have been so unjustly and for so long a time considered as outcast children.

the constitution of haiti traveling haiti

Do declare that the tenor of the present constitution is the free spontaneous and invariable expression of our hearts, and the general will of our constituents, and we submit it to the sanction of H.

The people inhabiting the island formerly called St. Domingo, hereby agree to form themselves into a free state sovereign and independent of any other power in the universe, under the name of empire of Hayti.

The Citizens of Hayti are brothers at home; equality in the eyes of the law is incontestably acknowledged, and there cannot exist any titles, advantages, or privileges, other than those necessarily resulting from the consideration and reward of services rendered to liberty and independence. The quality of citizen of Hayti is lost by emigration and naturalization in foreign countries and condemnation to corporal or disgrace punishments.

The fist case carries with it the punishment of death and confiscation of property. No person is worth of being a Haitian who is not a good father, good son, a good husband, and especially a good soldier. No whiteman of whatever nation he may be, shall put his foot on this territory with the title of master or proprietor, neither shall he in future acquire any property therein.

The preceding article cannot in the smallest degree affect white woman who have been naturalized Haytians by Government, nor does it extend to children already born, or that may be born of the said women. The Germans and Polanders naturalized by government are also comprized sic in the dispositions of the present article. All acception sic of colour among the children of one and the same family, of whom the chief magistrate is the father, being necessarily to cease, the Haytians shall hence forward be known only by the generic appellation of Blacks.

The Empire of Hayti is one and indivisible. Its territory is distributed into six military divisions.

Constitution of Haiti

These generals of division shall be independent of one another, and shall correspond directly with the Emperor, or with the general in chief appointed by his Majesty. The following Islands are integral parts of the Empire, viz. The Government of Hayti is entrusted to a first Magistrate, who assumes the title of Emperor and commander in chief of the army.

The people acknowledge for Emperor and Commander in Chief of the Army, Jacques Dessalines, the avenger and deliverer of his fellow citizens. The title of Majesty is conferred upon him, as well as upon his august spouse, the Empress. The State will appropriate a fixed annual allowance to her Majesty the Empress, which she will continue to enjoy even after the decease of the Emperor, as princess dowager.

There shall be assigned by the state an annual income to the children acknowledge by his Majesty the Emperor. The male children acknowledged by the Emperor shall be obliged, in the same manner as other citizens, to pass successively from grade to grade, with this only difference, that their entrance into service shall begin at the fourth demi brigade, from the period of their birth. The Emperor designates, in the manner he may judge expedient, the person who is to be his successor either before or after his death.

A suitable provision shall be made by the state to that successor from the moment of his accession to the throne.

The Emperor, and his successors, shall in no case and under no pretext whatsoever, have the right of attacking to their persons any particular or privileged body, whether as guards of honour, or under any other denomination.

Every successor deviating from the dispositions of the preceding article, or from the principles consecrated in the present constitution shall be considered and declared in a state of warfare against the society. In such a case, the counselors of state will assemble in order to pronounce his removal, and to chose one among themselves who shall be judged the most worthy of replacing him; and if it should happen that the said successor oppose the execution of this measure, authorized by law, the Generals, counselor of state, shall appeal to the people and the army, who will immediately give their whole strength and assistance to maintain Liberty.On November 19, the CCI, headed by former President Boniface Alexandre, had a first working session with the Director General of the ONI and the members of the Provisional Electoral Council with a view to better coordination with regard to the referendum vote to which the final draft will be submitted after the various consultations, participation and appreciation of the different sectors of national life.

The CCI reminded the members of the CEP and the Director General of the ONI of the importance of harmonizing efforts and coordinating between these three entities so that, on the one hand, citizens of voting age are able to obtain their National Identification Card in time, and on the other hand, the CEP has the necessary time to set in motion the Inclusive process leading to the referendum.

The CCI insists on the fact that the project must have the confidence and the adhesion of the population for a massive response of the citizens to engage the country in a more stable democracy which will ensure its development.

On November 23, the CCI in a press release informs that it has finalized a timetable of activities which takes into account the need for participation of all sectors and groups of society as well as the procedures leading to the development and submission to the Nation of the draft of the new Constitution, specifying that this new mother law "[ Why HaitiLibre?Pour le Drapeau, pour la Patrie Mourir est beau, mourir est beau!

For our country, For our forefathers, United let us march. United let us march. Let there be no traitors in our ranks! Let us be masters of our soil. United let us march United let us march. For our country, For our forefathers. March, march, United let us march. For our forebears, For our country Let us toil joyfully.

May the fields be fertile And our souls take courage. Let us toil joyfully For our forebears, For our country.

For our country And for our forefathers, Let us train our sons. Free, strong, and prosperous, We shall always be as brothers.

Let us train our sons For our country And for our forefathers. For our forebears, For our country, Oh God of the valiant! Take our rights and our life Under your infinite protection, Oh God of the valiant! For our forebears, For our country. For the flag, For our country To die is a fine thing!

Our past cries out to us: Have a disciplined soul! To die is a fine thing, For the flag, For our country. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Leave a comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Most AcesIn the event of a disqualification or retirement all bets will be void, unless settlement of the bet has already been determined. For the purposes of all such markets a tie-break or Match tie-break is counted as one game.

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the constitution of haiti traveling haiti

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