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Researchgate net publication paper

Following positive feedback from the pilot phases, an expanded cooperation will see articles from all Springer Nature-owned journals syndicated to ResearchGate.

Springer Nature and ResearchGate have agreed to move forward with a long-term content syndication partnership starting in Q4 of This cooperation expands the scope of a two-phase pilot, which began in and has been evaluated in a white paper published today.

The partnership will enable content delivery of the version-of-record VoR articles directly to ResearchGate publication pages. Entitled users will be able to download and read the VoR of articles published in Springer journals from the past five years, and all Nature-branded research journals from the past three years, on ResearchGate; new articles will be made available on a daily basis as they are published.

Non-entitled users will be able to access an enhanced abstract of the article on ResearchGate, which includes metadata, abstract, figures and captions and the full first page. We are pleased that we can build on the success of the pilot phases, which showed numerous benefits to librarians, researchers and authors. By bringing together two organisations with differing areas of expertise but similar goals, we strongly believe that we can support a seamless experience so that researchers can access the articles they need while maximising engagement with their peers.

Springer Nature and ResearchGate began the content-sharing pilot in response to a number of challenges, such as how to streamline multi-step authentication processes; the need to enable seamless remote access to content; and ways to support researchers in finding the most relevant and reliable research in context.

The white paper, Researchers at the Centrereleased today indicates that the partnership brought multiple benefits that led to an enhanced user experience for authors, researchers and librarians. We have learned a lot and we're excited to share the outcomes of this work through the white paper we are jointly releasing today. We hope it will encourage other actors in the scholarly communication ecosystem to join us to keep innovating to better support researchers, together.

For more than years, Springer Nature has been advancing discovery by providing the best possible service to the whole research community.

We help researchers uncover new ideas, support librarians and institutions with innovations in technology and data, and provide quality publishing support to societies. We make sure all the research we publish is significant, robust and stands up to objective scrutiny, that it reaches all relevant audiences in the best possible format, and can be discovered, accessed, used, re-used and shared.

Springer Nature is also a leading educational and professional publisher, providing quality content through a range of innovative platforms, products and services. Every day, around the globe, our imprints, books, journals and resources reach millions of people. For more information, please visit springernature. ResearchGate is making research more efficient. Over 18 million researchers use researchgate.

Based in Berlin, ResearchGate was founded in It supports its activities by providing scientific recruitment and advertising.Special Book Collections. Subscribe to our Newsletter and get informed about new publication regularly and special discounts for subscribers! All Rights Reserved. Registration Log In. Engineering Research. Applied Mechanics and Materials. Advances in Science and Technology.

International Journal of Engineering Research in Africa. Advanced Engineering Forum. Journal of Biomimetics, Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering.

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Materials Science. Defect and Diffusion Forum. Solid State Phenomena. Key Engineering Materials. Materials Science Forum. Advanced Materials Research. Journal of Metastable and Nanocrystalline Materials. Journal of Nano Research. Diffusion Foundations.

Nano Hybrids and Composites. Building Materials. General Engineering.Special Book Collections. Subscribe to our Newsletter and get informed about new publication regularly and special discounts for subscribers! Journal of Nano Research Vol. Diffusion Foundations Vol. This volume presents papers on mathematical modelling of magnetohydrodynamic flow and heat transfer in an electro-conductive polymer, as well as numerical analysis of heat transfer through nanofluid flow in different media, including porous media.

Additionally, the study of multi-phase flow in a pipeline has been presented, which can be positively addressed in such key branch as the oil and gas industry.

Besides, the volume is devoted to numerical analysis to assess the cooling hole's performance embedded in different trenched designs triangular trench, semi-cylindrical trench, and corrugated trench for improving the film cooling efficiency over a flat plate. The presented results might find their application in various areas of engineering. All Rights Reserved. Registration Log In. Special Book Collection.

Specialized Collections:. Author: Dr. Stanislav Kolisnychenko. Show Details All Books. Superconductors and Superconductivity. Restoration of Architectural Heritage. Biomimetic Approaches in Engineering Practice. Membranes and Membrane Technologies. Membranes and Membrane Technologies II. Engineering Research. Applied Mechanics and Materials. Advances in Science and Technology. International Journal of Engineering Research in Africa.

Advanced Engineering Forum.

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Journal of Biomimetics, Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering. Materials Science. Defect and Diffusion Forum. Solid State Phenomena. Key Engineering Materials. Materials Science Forum. Advanced Materials Research. Journal of Metastable and Nanocrystalline Materials.

Journal of Nano Research. Diffusion Foundations.

researchgate net publication paper

Nano Hybrids and Composites. Building Materials. General Engineering. Mechanical Engineering. Bioscience and Medicine.Please use the form below to let us know any question, comment, or suggestion.

Your email is just for communication purposes and we will never share it with any third party. Zhang, M. Popovski, T. Tannert The structural use of wood in North America so far was mostly related to low-rise and mid-rise residential light-frame construction.

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Lately, mass-timber engineered wood products such as laminated-veneer-lumber LVL and cross-laminated timber CLTenable the use of wood in tall and large wood and wood-based hybrid buildings. Compared to other materials, one of the main advantages of using wood as structural material in tall buildings is the reduction in weight and the resulting reduction in fo Mid-Rise 2. Most are located in the core of smaller municipalities and in the inner suburbs of larger ones, offering a more sustainable and cost-effective option for densification than concrete or steel equivalents Its structural performance and design elegance come together to create inspiring spaces in many historical buildings as well as modern new projects of all sizes It is envisaged that floors built from timber plates will have different vibration behavior from conventional joisted floors.

In this paper, explicit formulas are developed based on a matrix formulation that links both the symmetric and antisymmetric vibration modes of orthotropic plates. The developed solution can be used for the dynamic analyses of orthotropic timber f Slab types examined were standard steel and reinforced concrete SRC composite plates and prefabricated massive wood plates constructed from cross-laminated timber X-Lam.

researchgate net publication paper

Case studies for six-storey and storey buildings addressed how the stresses and deflections of the steel framing members are influenced by the choic Christovasilis, M. Brunetti, M. Follesa, M. Nocetti, D. Vassallo This paper presents a study on the assessment of the mechanical properties of cross laminated timber CLT panels based on four-point bending tests.

The most recent or well-established analytical theories have been implemented to estimate stiffness and strength properties under loads perpendicular or parallel to the principal plane of CLT panels from laboratory tests. The main objectives were to evaluate each proposed theory in predicting the associated deformation and failure mechanisms and to However, it is crucial to fully understand the mechanical characteristics of the CLT-concrete composite connections before such a hybrid structure becomes widely applicable.

This paper assesses the structural performance force-slip response, slip mod-ulus, and failure mode of a CLT-concrete composite by conducting fifteen pushout test specimens, A lot of theoretical and experimental experiences exist at the material level, but a huge amount of parameters have to be investigated due to the singularity of wood behaviour. Therefore, some simplified behaviour models are usually proposed and validated through laboratory experiences, to be considered in desi The experimental data which is the foundation for this Report includes the laboratory measured sound transmission loss of wall and floor assemblies constructed of Cross LamA research paper, published in a reputed journal paves the surest way to academic as well as professional success for a research scholar.

However, this path is not easy to progress, as it is strewn with challenges. Sometimes, you may be stuck at the writing stage, especially if it is your first paper. At other times, the paper may be rejected by publishers for faults that you are not aware of.

As the task of writing and publishing a research paper takes years to accomplish, it is sensible to avail the help of professional guides providing journal paper publication support in India to ensure success in your first attempt.

Writers offering research paper writing services work on all the sections of the paper in segregated manner. At the first stage, we decide the title of the paper and formulate the thesis statement.

Our brainstorming sessions lead to the best selection. In later stages, we help you draft the framework for research design, get the best literature sources, select the right tools for data collection, do the analysis and finally draft a conclusion that leaves a lasting impression on the mind of the readers.

We can be your ticket to guaranteed Research Paper publication Support of your research paper in impact factor journals of the relevant field, be it research related to scientific or social studies subjects. We have distinguished PhD scholars on our team, who have published their own papers in reputed international journals. Our team delivering journal paper assistance also prepare cover letters for sending to journal editors.

This boosts the chances of quick assessment of the papers. Prepare a list of target journals according to your field of study, including impact factor journals Find out the guidelines of the journals and help you adhere to them through our editorial service As we are aware of the time of publication of different journals, our team offering research paper publication support help you plan your work in order to submit the paper in time.

Draft an impressive cover letter, as well as help you prepare the abstract that is viewed by the editors before reading the entire paper. This will create a positive note for your research.

researchgate net publication paper

Experts offer research paper writing service help you get the best resources for the paper. A commendable reference list and proper citations go a long way in getting your paper accepted.

The technical aspects are checked by our counsellors and statisticians, to help you pass the primary stage of publishing. In case your paper is returned with comments for corrections, we help you revise the paper as per suggestions of the editors and resubmit it. Request a Quote. Understanding of preferences and expectations of journal editors 2. Years of experience of helping research scholars 4.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

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Academia Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for academics and those enrolled in higher education. It only takes a minute to sign up. I recently created a profile on ResearchGate. And to add your publications list it requires you to upload the paper. Is it legal to upload published journal articles on public servers, where everyone can download it for free?

First of all, as far as I know, ResearchGate does not require uploading PDF files in order to add your research work to your profile in this website. However, it is very important to explore the possibility of uploading them, as it gives more visibility to your research and makes it available to more people. That is why I think your question is very interesting. As AnonymousMathematician and gawdzilla already said, it all depends on the policy and agreements established by the publisher.

You should ask the publisher. Now, I want to add some extra information about the alternatives we have to share our research without breaking any publishing agreement or rule.

researchgate net publication paper

The editor version : This is the final version of the paper, as it is published in the journal, with all the copyright stuff and so on. It is the final PDFlet us say, the one you normally keep as a record of your research. The author version : This normally refers to an accepted version of the manuscript. It is the version that is finally qualified by the reviewers and accepted to publish by the editor. It is just your manuscript, just raw text and tables and figures and so onnot usually formatted with the final journal style.

Sometimes it is also called a postprint version. A preprint version: It is also a sort of author version, but it usually refers to the submitted manuscript version before the reviewers do their job. It is the first submitted version of your manuscript. Now, if you want to make your research as visible and accessible as possible in ResearchGate or other scientific social networks such as Academia. Let us see:.

You can upload the author version. You should also check with the publisher if you are allowed to do so. Sometimes there is an embargo or vesting period and, after that period, you are allowed to publish or distribute the author version of your paper on your own. You can upload the preprint version. Publishers normally allow authors to publish or distribute preprints of their manuscripts, normally as technical reports.

Anyway, you should ask the publisher, just in case. If none of the above options apply, then you always have the option of adding this text at the end of the 'abstract' field in the ResearchGate record for your paper:. In my case, I usually publish the preprint version of my papers as technical reports in the official repository of my university department.

It is a quite common practice among some researchers in my field. Among other benefits, it prevents evil reviewers or editors to copy or plagiarise your research. Anyway, as I told you above, you should check with the publisher whether you are allowed to do so or not. I will upload the author version in Februarywhen the month embargo period finishes, according to the publisher rules.

But the preprint is quite different from the final version in this case, so when I am allowed to upload the author version, it will replace the current preprint version. As a final remark, please, notice that it is not technically the same publish a research paper than just disseminatedistribute or propagate it. However, I have used them as synonyms in this answer, as sometimes it makes no real difference in the context of your question.

Hope it helps.Hardly any enterprise could afford to ignore personalization techniques and not have a recommender system. Other studies of recommender systems also consistently report increases of several percentages in page views, time spent on page and revenue [25]. In Content-Based Filtering, items with similar content are recommended based on items a user previously interacted with. With Collaborative Filtering users are grouped by their taste where taste is usually measured by the similarity of their ratings for some items.

For instance, if two users, A and B, both watched the same movies and rated them similarly, the two users would be considered like-minded. Those movies that user A liked but that user B had not yet watched would then be recommended to user B, and vice versa.

Sometimes, even very simple recommendation approaches perform well, such as recommending the most popular items e. From a research perspective, recommender-systems are one of the most diverse areas imaginable. Given this broad range, many disciplines contribute to recommender-systems research including computer science e. Recommender-systems research can also be conducted in almost every domain including e-commerce, movies, music, art, health, food, legal, or finance.

This opens the door for interdisciplinary cooperation with exciting challenges and high potential for impactful work. I have worked in the field of recommender systems for more than a decade, and developed several recommender systems myself including Docear [16], Mr. I have developed novel recommendation algorithms including a privacy-preserving TF-IDF variant [18], citation proximity and pattern algorithms [31, 32], and a mind-map based user-modelling algorithm [20].

How frequently to give recommendations to users [17]? Are there differences in recommendation effectiveness for different users e. How to label recommendations, and are there perceived differences between commercial and non-commercial recommendations even if the recommended items are identical [14]? For many years, the recommender-systems community focused on accuracy. I contributed to this development by critically analyzing the state of the art [15] ; comparing evaluation metrics click-through rate, user ratings, precision, recall, … and methods online evaluations, offline evaluations, user studies [13] as well as introducing novel evaluation methods [3].

For instance, as shown in Figure 2, one of my experiments shows that five news recommendation-algorithms perform vastly different on six news websites [5]. Almost every algorithm performed best on at least one news website. Consequently, the operator of a new news website would hardly know which of the five algorithms is the best to use, because any one could potentially be it. Figure 2. On the website sport1. Consequently, an ideal recommender system would use different algorithms at different times of the day.

However, manually identifying when to use which algorithm, seems impossible given the vast number of attributes that affect performance [5]. Figure 3. This inconsistency in algorithm performance, eventually led to my current research focus: 1.

Facilitating the use of recommender systems through recommender systems as-a-service. Algorithm selection for recommender-systems can be performed at two levels, macro level and micro level.

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