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Research gateway unsw medical clinic center

Advances in Pattern Recognition, Springer, London, pp. Series A: Statistics in Societyvol. Jorm L,'Routinely collected data as a strategic resource for research: Priorities for methods and workforce', Public Health Research and Practicevol.

Gibson A;Jorm L;McIntyre P,'Using linked birth, notification, hospital and mortality data to examine false-positive meningococcal disease reporting and adjust disease incidence estimates for children in New South Wales, Australi', Epidemiology and Infectionvol. Use of retinal imaging to characterise physiological vascularchanges throughout pregnancy. Retinal vascular changes in hypertensive disorders of pregnancy.

Gibson A; Randall D; Degenhardt L,'The increasing mortality burden of liver disease among opioid-dependent people: Cohort study', Addictionvol. Findings from a large Australian study', Medical Journal of Australiavol. Blance A,'Not necessarily strength in numbers more a case of size does matter!

Part 2. Clinical parameters associated with movement of teeth adjacent to the site of posterior tooth loss: Clinical science research', Journal of Prosthodonticsvol. Part 1: A study of clinical parameters associated with the extent and type of supraeruption in unopposed posterior teeth: Clinical research', Journal of Prosthodonticsvol. Blance A,'The importance of being statistical', Journal of Orthodonticsvol. Blance A; Gilthorpe MS; Tu Y-K; Clerehugh V,'A multilevel modeling solution to mathematical coupling in the analysis of change with respect to baseline within periodontal research.

Gilthorpe MS; Blance A; Tugnait A; Clerehugh V,'The importance of tooth anatomy in choosing appropriate analytical strategies for hierarchical periodontal research data. Jorm LR,'Strangles in horse studs: incidence, risk factors and effect of vaccination.

Cai, O. Perez-Concha, F.

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Martin-Sanchez, B. Hanly M; Falster KA,Early life health, development and pathways into child protection for children placed in residential care: Findings from a population-based data linkage study The Seeding Success StudyDepartment of Family and Community Services. Skip to main content. Search form Search. Print this page. About the Unit. The Health Services and Outcomes Unit conducts research to identify variations and disparities in the use, outcomes and costs of health services, investigates the factors that drive these, and evaluates the outcomes of health policies and programs.

Unit Contacts. Professor Louisa Jorm. Dr Sebastiano Barbieri. Senior Lecturer. Dr Amy Gibson. Research Fellow. Dr Mark Hanly. Dr Benjumin Hsu. Dr Kylie-ann Mallitt.

Health Services and Outcomes Unit

Dr Oscar Perez Concha. Dr Duong Tran. Research Staff. Mr Andrew Blance.The UNSW Medicine Lifestyle Clinic is a centre for excellence providing physical activity and lifestyle programs and services for the prevention and management of chronic disease, injury and disability. Run by UNSW Medicine, the clinic has strong links with the various units including endocrinology, oncology, neuroscience, immunology, and the Exercise Physiology Department.

The clinic is staffed by accredited Exercise Physiologists EPs with extensive experience in exercise therapy and rehabilitation. To ensure maximal health outcomes, EPs often work closely with medical practitioners and other allied-health professionals. Our services are centred on the principles of self-management and long-term changes in health-behaviours, ranging from intensely-supervised one-to-one to home-based independent programs.

The Lifestyle Clinic offers these programs and services:. Skip to main content. Site to search SOMS. Lifestyle Clinic.

Medicines Policy Research Unit (MPRU)

Lifestyle Plus Medicare Rebate. Through quality health services, research and strategic partnerships with industry, the Lifestyle Clinic is committed to enhancing the quality of life of our clients and developing national standards for integrated and holistic healthcare.Systematic review and meta-regression of observational studies', Journal of Internal Medicinevol.

Findings and implications especially for lower- and middle-income countries', Expert Review of Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Researchvol. Evaluating the impact of national education initiatives to reduce proton pump inhibitor use in Australia', BMJ Quality and Safetyvol. A comparison of single, multi, and dolutegravir-based regimens', Cadernos de Saude Publicavol. A cross-sectional study', Sao Paulo Medical Journalvol.

New South Wales, —', Cancer Epidemiologyvol. A comment on discrepancies in published estimates of opioid use in Australia', Internal Medicine Journalvol. A systematic review of effectiveness', World Journal of Rheumatologyvol. Ganda K; Schaffer A; Pearson S; Seibel MJ,'Compliance and persistence to oral bisphosphonate therapy following initiation within a secondary fracture prevention program: A randomised controlled trial of specialist vs. Ganda K; Schaffer A; Seibel MJ,'Predictors of re-fracture amongst patients managed within a secondary fracture prevention program: a 7-year prospective study', Osteoporosis Internationalvol.

Uosukainen H; Pentikainen H; Tacke U,'The effect of an electronic medicine dispenser on diversion of buprenorphine-naloxone-experience from a medium-sized Finnish city.

A comparison of Australian doctors at different levels of medical training using logfile analysis and an online survey', BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Makingvol. Newton NC; Havard AE; Teesson M,'The association between moral disengagement, psychological distress, resistive self-regulatory efficacy and alcohol and cannabis use among adolescents in Sydney, Australia', Addiction Research and Theoryvol.

Langton JM; Pearson S,'eviQ cancer treatments online: How does the web-based protocol system fare in a comprehensive quality assessment? Calabria B; Shakeshaft AP; Havard AE,'A systematic and methodological review of interventions for young people experiencing alcohol-related harm', Addictionvol. Havard AE; Shakeshaft AP; Sanson-Fisher R,'Systematic review and meta-analyses of strategies targeting alcohol problems in emergency departments: Interventions reduce alcohol-related injuries', Addictionvol.

Schaffer A; Brotherton J; Booy R,'Do human papillomavirus vaccines have any role in newborns and the prevention of recurrent respiratory papillomatosis in children?

Pearson S; Ringland C; Ward RL,'Use of trastuzumab for metastatic breast cancer in Australia: Interpreting findings from a cohort of 1, women on a national access program versus 41 women treated by two medical oncologists [2]', Journal of Clinical Oncologyvol. Testing some assumptions', Medical Educationvol. A perspective from Australian interns', Medical Teachervol.

A study of graduates from traditional and non-traditional medical schools', Medical Educationvol.

Schaffer AL; muscatello D; broome R; corbett S; smith W,'Excess hospital admissions, ambulance calls and mortality during an exceptional heat wave in February Skip to main content. Search form Search. Print this page. About the Unit. The Medicines Policy Research Unit MPRU is a multidisciplinary research group undertaking a program of work examining the use an impact of medicines in routine clinical care. The majority of this work is undertaken in large population-based health administrative databases.

Unit Contacts. Professor Sallie Pearson. Dr Benjamin Daniels. Research Fellow. Dr Juliana de Oliveira Costa. Dr Michael Falster. Dr Oskar Orn Halfdanarson.Genomics is the study of genes, their functions and how genes interact with one another. Dramatic advances in technology mean it is now fast and cost-effective to compare the entire genome of patients to find genes associated with the disease. Insights into the genetic basis of disease enable us to diagnose, treat and prevent many inherited diseases and disorders with a genetic component, including cancer.

Genomics can improve the health outlook for millions of people worldwide. With one in 12 Australians living with a genetic disorder, advances in genomic technologies mean there are increasing opportunities to deliver improved care and management to patients and their families. UNSW Medicine also forms an integral part of the Sydney Genomics Collaborative program, established to improve genomic research across the state. The program comprises. UNSW Medicine is leading Australian and international efforts to link genomic research with improved clinical outcomes.

Genomic testing is used in this program for consanguineous couples at pre-conception. The program comprises; Medical Genome Reference Ban - a collection of about 4, whole genome sequences from healthy, aged people to be used for control purposes in disease-specific whole genome research. NSW Genomics Collaborative Grants - funding for researchers to undertake whole genome sequencing to improve understanding of the genetic causes of disease.Mayo Clinic Connect is an online community where you can share your experiences and find support from people like you.

You'll also receive trustworthy information from Mayo Clinic experts. Any use of this site constitutes your agreement to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy linked below. Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit organization and proceeds from Web advertising help support our mission.

Mayo Clinic does not endorse any of the third party products and services advertised. A single copy of these materials may be reprinted for noncommercial personal use only. This content does not have an English version. This content does not have an Arabic version. See more conditions. Mayo Clinic Connect Ask questions. Get answers. Browse Join. All rights reserved. Home mayoconnect. Advertising Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit organization and proceeds from Web advertising help support our mission.

Advertising and sponsorship policy Advertising and sponsorship opportunities. Reprint Permissions A single copy of these materials may be reprinted for noncommercial personal use only.Research-focused and hands-on learning taught by leading educators, researchers and health professionals.

Expand your medical knowledge and expertise with our postgraduate degrees. Our thematic approach to research combines our Faculty strengths and our partnerships with industry.

UNSW Medicine is committed to improving the delivery of healthcare and outcomes for all. A key focus of our research is seeking to understand why health inequities occur and the interventions we can implement to improve healthcare in disadvantaged groups. Our most successful activities are undertaken in partnership with UNSW faculties, other universities, medical research institutes and government.

Explore our partnerships to discover how we collaborate and generate impact within the community. Find Out More. Hearing from our students is the best way to gain insight into study and campus life at UNSW.

Check out our medicine student society, peer mentoring programs, student resources and more. UNSW Precincts deliver initiatives of significant societal impact through developing collaborative spaces to drive development in healthcare, innovation, education and research. We partner with government and business on a number of projects to lead strategic direction for active and emerging precincts. Enquire now. Led by Industry Innovators Research-focused and hands-on learning taught by leading educators, researchers and health professionals.

Study With Us. Undergraduate LP. Postgraduate tile. Higher Degree Research. Find a Degree. Our Research. Research Themes. Children looking through bannister. Our Growing Capacities. Enabling Capabilities. Have a question about your study options? Latest News. Exercise for low back pain beneficial but no one agrees on why. A new UNSW evidence review has found there is still no consensus between researchers about why exercise works for low back pain patients — despite decades of studies on the topic.

Teaching people to gain control over their brain to relieve chronic pain and improving food and water security are two of the innovative UNSW Sydney projects to receive Ideas Grants. Open windows and doors, use fans, and set your aircon to pull fresh air from outside. Upcoming Events. Tuesday, 9 February Tuesday, 2 February Tuesday, 16 February Dr Claudia Dobler is a respiratory physician who works at Liverpool Hospital, Sydney, and is interested in evidence-based medicine, clinical, health services and epidemiological research with the aim to improve health care for patients with pulmonary diseases.

Hassan Murad. Collaboration on projects to improve the evidence-base for the care of patients with pulmonary diseases. Collaboration on research to improve tuberculosis care and control in Mongolia.

Specific Research Keywords: evidence-based medicine, medical decision making, tuberculosis, pneumonia, COPD, respiratory diseases, health services and policies. Improving evidence-based treatment of latent tuberculosis infection in public-hospital based chest clinicsNHMRC TRIP translating research into practice fellowship, Breadcrumb Home Our People.

Claudia Dobler. Conjoint Associate Professor. Journal articles. Dobler CC,'Screening and surveillance in respiratory medicine. Dobler CC,'Living well with a chronic respiratory disease', Breathevol. Dobler CC,'Oxygen', Breathevol. Dobler CC,'Biomarkers in respiratory diseases', Breathevol. Dobler CC,'Too much or too little medicine?

CSRH Seminar 2017: Tim Rhodes

Overdiagnosis, underdiagnosis, overtreatment and undertreatment in respiratory diseases', Breathevol.

Dobler CC,'Overdiagnosis of pulmonary embolism: Definition, causes and implications', Breathevol. Dobler CC; Bosnic-Anticevich S; Armour CL,'Physicians' perspectives on communication and decision making in clinical encounters for treatment of latent tuberculosis infection.

Chan IHY; Kaushik N; Dobler CC,'Post-migration follow-up of migrants identified to be at increased risk of developing tuberculosis at pre-migration screening: a systematic review and meta-analysis', The Lancet Infectious Diseasesvol. Dobler CC; Murad MH,'Interpreting diagnostic tests with continuous results and no gold standard: A common scenario explained using the tuberculin skin test', Evidence-Based Medicinevol.

Dobler CC,'Cumulative incidence and incidence rate ratio for estimation of risk of tuberculosis in patients with cancer', Clinical Infectious Diseasesvol.

Dobler CC,'Unwarranted prescription variations for treatment of latent tuberculosis infection', The Lancet Infectious Diseasesvol.

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