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Arkansas spinal cord commission

Individuals who live with a spinal cord disability that results in tetraplegia, limited use of arms and legs, face these issues every day. They must depend on someone else to perform even these most mundane activities for him or her. Many depend on family members. Some have public or private insurance that provides for personal care assistance.

Your ASCC Case Manager can assist you with learning about personal care programs that are available and in determining your eligibility. In addition, ASCC provides two small personal care assistance programs. These services allow these individuals with tetraplegia to remain in their homes with the assistance of a personal care provider to assist with basic needs such as getting in and out of bed, hygiene, dressing, meal preparations and light chores.

The program is consumer directed, which means that the individual is responsible for recruiting, hiring, training, supervising, paying th care provider and is reimbursed at an established rate by ASCC. The paid care provider may not be a family member who lives in the home, as the program is also designed to provide some respite for family caregivers.

Funding for his program is limited. To apply, contact your Case Manager. Many individuals are independent in their self-care or have a family caregiver and do not need personal care assistance.

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However, occasions arise when a person needs help for a short period of time. A broken leg, severe pressure sore, recuperation from surgery or the illness or emergency of the primary caregiver may put someone in need of immediate care for a short time. The program is consumer directed, which means that the individual is responsible for recruiting, hiring, training, supervising, paying the care provider and is reimbursed at an established rate by ASCC.

The paid care provider may not be a family member who lives in the home. Funding for this program is limited. Join Us on Facebook. Agencies Online Services State Directory.

Spinal Cord Commission. Has been a resident of Arkansas for the past five years. Have a demonstrated need for four hours of attendant care per day. Have a prescription from their physician describing the number of hours and the number of days or weeks that short-term attendant care is needed. Programs and Services Who is Eligible? Internet Policies. All Rights Reserved.He was originally appointed to the Commission in December of and had previously worked with ASCC staff on local and statewide initiatives around the ADA and accessibility as well as serving as a peer counselor.

InJimmy was appointed to the commission by Governor Asa Hutchinson for a second term. InJimmy was a deputy sheriff in Mississippi County when he responded to a domestic dispute call in Wilson, Arkansas and was shot, damaging his spinal cord and resulting in a T10 incomplete injury. Since then, he has worked with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, the Army Corp of Engineers, and other groups to promote access to outdoor recreation for people with disabilities.

He was born and raised in the Little Rock area and currently lives in Maumelle. Jon David went to school at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville and graduated with a Bachelors degree in Finance.

He was injured on July 6, in a diving accident and is a C5 level injury. He currently works in Little Rock as an estimator for Genesis Datacom. She has practiced medicine for 29 years and has served as the Medical Director for two freestanding Rehabilitation hospitals.

Presently, Dr. Knott practices part-time in active patient care. She also works full time as a Medical Director for a major insurance company. He was ejected from the back seat of the car causing a fractured neck and an SCI at the C4-C5 levels. His work with independent living services and advocacy for individuals with disabilities brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Commission. He continuously strives to reach others by setting an example for others based on how he lives.

Ronnie sustained his spinal cord injury in when a mobile home fell on him. After his injury, he obtained his Bachelors degree in Marketing from University of Arkansas at Monticello. Ronnie and his wife Becky live in Crossett, AR. They have two sons and daughters in law and five grandchildren. Join Us on Facebook. Agencies Online Services State Directory. Spinal Cord Commission. Patricia Knott of Conway term expires in Dr. Her appointment to the Commission will expire on January 14, Internet Policies.

All Rights Reserved.Please check back or follow us on Facebook to find out as soon as we post new information. Google Maps link. This conference will offer exciting presenters speaking on topics relevant to those living with a spinal cord injury or disability as well as every level of healthcare professional, including:.

Patti Rogers, MSW: Why do SCI caregivers need to be trained before leaving the hospital?

A small online convenience fee will apply. However, clients, family members, or caretakers who wish to receive continuing education credit must pay to register as a healthcare professional.

Reservations will be confirmed after a review of applications. Each year ASCC offers one or more educational conferences with national, state, and local experts providing the latest information on topics of interest to individuals who live with spinal cord disabilities, their families and rehabilitation providers.

In addition to expert speakers with whom participants have the opportunity to meet and ask questions, the conferences include an exhibit hall with the latest technology including wheelchairs and other durable medical equipment as well as state and not-for-profit agencies who provide direct services to individuals with spinal cord disabilities and demonstrations of adapted sports, new technology, environmental modifications and other interest.

Finally, the conferences provide an opportunity for participants to meet and share experiences and ideas with one another.

Join Us on Facebook. Agencies Online Services State Directory. Spinal Cord Commission. This conference will offer exciting presenters speaking on topics relevant to those living with a spinal cord injury or disability as well as every level of healthcare professional, including: Spinal Cord Injury SCI : Pitfalls per Patient and Primary Care Physician Perspectives, Part 2 Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Approach to Myelopathy, Encephalopathy, and Neuropathy M.

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arkansas spinal cord commission

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Nearby cities with more treatment facilities:. Most popular rehab center destinations in Arkansas:. About the AAC Helpline. Services provided by.The purpose of the commission is to help Arkansans with spinal cord injuries live as independently as possible. When the commission was created in however their purpose was to create a premier spinal cord injury rehabilitation hospital that didn't exist in Arkansas at the time.

Some of the best spinal cord injury rehabilitation hospitals in the country become part of the Federal Spinal Cord Injury Model Systems of Care, which is a list of the best hospitals to go to if someone has a spinal cord injury.

This goal has never been met, however that hasn't stopped the commission from transforming the lives of people with spinal cord injuries in Arkansas.

The Arkansas Spinal Cord Commission has become a multifaceted state program that is an integral part of helping people with spinal cord injuries in the state. When you have a new spinal cord injury in Arkansas, the first organization you will hear from is the Arkansas Spinal Cord Commission.

They are tasked to contact your medical facility as soon as they hear about your injury. It is also the responsibility of your doctor to report your spinal cord injury to this commission for you to be eligible for funding as well. One of the most important things the Arkansas Spinal Cord Commission does today is to provide case management services to people with spinal cord injuries.

State case managers for someone with a spinal cord injury will make sure that they get all of the state funding they deserve and will fight on their behalf. They also provide a variety of consumer-driven service programs for their clients. They provide 4 hours of care per day for PCAs. Also, clients can obtain purchase services when their insurance will no longer cover them. Some of these services are things like wheelchairs, cushions, after equipment, medical supplies, medications, home modifications, wheelchair ramps, outpatient therapy, and short-term attendant care.

This program promotes safe driving and seat belt use to youth. They also have the Arkansas Education and Resource Center on Spinal Cord Injury that provides over references on everything spinal cord injury-related.

arkansas spinal cord commission

Providing educational resources about the life of the spinal cord injury to people with new injuries and their families in another program offered by the ASCC. The commission will give basic information on spinal cord injuries to the general public and healthcare professionals.

It's important as well to have a state agency that continually looks at the needs, issues, and trends of the health and lives of individuals with spinal cord injuries. The ASCC will make recommendations to the state on programs that may be needed or general funding recommendations. They will work to promote timely reporting of this registry, as well as to conduct surveillance, collect data and analyze and disseminate registry information.

They will also look outside the state to similar spinal cord injury research projects to compare data. We also cannot forget to mention the equipment recycling centers offered by the ASCC. Also known as their Equipment Loan Program, they will loan out durable medical equipment to people with new spinal cord injuries such as wheelchairs, shower chairs, hospital beds, portable ramps, and adaptive bath equipment.Tim Danika Devincenzi Thanks. ProductHow it WorksPlansSupportAPI DocsYotpo UniversityContent GenerationOn-SiteSEOMarketingRetentionAnalyticsIntegrationsSocial CurationShoppable InstagramAds for InstagramPush to PinterestResourcesCustomersBlogeBookseCommerce CourseROI CalculatorGlossaryWebinarsIntegrationsShopifyMagentoBigCommerceWooCommerceCompany Careers EventsPrivacy PolicyTerms of ServicePartner with YotpoFind an AgencyContact UsLatest From YotpoHow to Get More Customer Reviews: The Ultimate GuideWord-of-Mouth Marketing: Building a Strategy That Really WorksThe 4 Most Powerful Social Commerce Trends Black Friday and Cyber Monday in Review Read now Interested in Yotpo.

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arkansas spinal cord commission

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arkansas spinal cord commission

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